Victoria Peak at Night

Victoria Peak at Night

Victoria Peak is one of the main tourist attractions in Hong Kong with over seven million visitors a year. Victoria Peak is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island with an elevation of 552 metres. From Victoria Peak you will get views of Central, Victoria Harbour and the many islands surrounding Hong Kong.

There are a number of ways to get to Victoria Peak; by the Peak Tram, car/taxi, bus or walking up Old Peak Road. I chose the Peak Tram option. The prices vary from HK$ 12 to HK$ 90. All the pricing can be found on the Peak Trams official website.

In order to purchase the ticket there are 2 lanes you have to stand in; the first is to purchase the Peak Tram ticket and the second is to wait for the Peak Tram to arrive. The wait to purchase tickets was lengthy, as I went during peak time. I could not find a way to purchase tickets online so I waited one hour in the first lane to purchase the ticket and then had to wait another 1 hour in the Peak Tram lane.

The are 2 ways to reduce your waiting time. The first is to buy a combo ticket from the Madame Tussauds counter at the Peak Tram station or online which varies from HK $280 to HK $550. The combo ticket for HK $550 also gives you access to Peak Tram via special boarding lane. The second option is to purchase a Hong Kong Hop on, Hop off ticket which includes access to the Peak Tram for US $72.50.

Once at the peak you will find two shopping centres with many restaurants. There is also an observation deck which has an additional cost. The observation deck is worth the money as you get amazing views like the one in the image above especially at night.

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