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Old Trafford the Theatre of Dreams home of Manchester United Tour
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On December 24, 2012
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A review of the Manchester United Old Trafford Stadium and Museum & Tour . Tour prices start at £16 for adults. The stadium has a capacity of 75,765.

Old Trafford stadium is the home of English Premier Division team Manchester United. The Manchester United stadium, known as Old Trafford has a capacity of 75,765. Tours start at £16 for adults and £10,50 for children and includes access to the museum and a guided tour. There are additional discounts for club members.

The actual tour does not form part of the museum, so my advice is to arrive early so that you have sufficient time to see the museum. Audio guides are available for an extra cost to guide you through the museum. The museum is impressive and contains numerous artefacts and trophies won by Manchester United over the years. There are a few trophy cabinets to have a look at, a room specially dedicated to Sir Alex Ferguson, the Munich Air Disaster and various players who have played for Manchester United over the years. I would advice to budget for at least an hour to see all the exhibits as they provide a fascinating insight into the history of Manchester United.

man utd trophy cabinet room

The tour starts with meeting the tour guide and giving you an overview of what to expect. This brief happens as you sit in the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand overlooking the pitch. The tour guide was highly knowledgeable providing many details as we were taken through the stadium navigating your way through the various corridors that you would normally not be able to see if you went to see if you went to see a game. The tour guide also answered many questions asked. One of the first stops provides the best photo opportunities of the stadium.

sir alex ferguson stand

During the  Manchester United stadium tour you will be able to sit in the players’ lounge where they gather before and after a game before making your way to the players dressing room. You will get to see where Sir Alex Ferguson delivers his pre-match tactics to the players and sit on the same bench the players sit as they listen to him. You will also be able to walk through the current players tunnel, although, if you are going a day before a game at Old Trafford you will not be able to walk through the players tunnel.

man utd player changing dressing room

If you do visit a day before a home game you will still get to walk through the players tunnel but not the one currently in use. Old Trafford has two players tunnel and the old tunnel is no longer in use. You will also get an opportunity to walk alongside the pitch and sit in technical area where staff and substitute players sit during a game. This is another great opportunity to take photos. The tour also includes a walk through the Munich Tunnel in the South Stand. The  Manchester United stadium tour finishes off with you being lead to the Mega Store before exiting.

The Manchester United stadium tour is worth the money spent, especially if you are a Manchester United fan. If you are not a Manchester United fan the  Manchester United stadium tour will still provide fascinating insight into how a football club is run and you will get a chance to see parts of a stadium you normally would not.

A review of the Manchester United Old Trafford Stadium and Museum & Tour . Tour prices start at £16 for adults. The stadium has a capacity of 75,765.

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